Design for "1g"
Materialization is the process that translates metaphysical geometry into physical existence. It is perhaps a common sense in architectural design that when physical materials and abstract geometry approach ultimate balance, the in-between ambiguity will generate aesthetics of strength. Rather than appreciating specific decorativeness, “Shihara” is the jewelry brand whose concept focuses on the ongoing “strength” within jewelry that is identical to architecture aesthetic mentioned above.
The certain demanded quality of materialization of Platonic geometry is, for instance, equivalent to that“1g”real gold in the pair of regular-tetrahedral earrings, the brand’s representative work. The essence of such “1g” is the pure geometry revealed. Meanwhile, the stretching “transparent tension” is also what is ought to be displayed here.
All we pushed in the design was just placing a “right angle”, the most fundamental element of Platonic geometry inside the rough-concrete volume where finishing was completely eliminated. This “right angel” consists of 100mm-thick showcase and full-length one-way mirror. The showcase seems to be doubled in length through the reflection of the mirror. Its back was a white surface coated with sheet of steel where extremely thin shelf board of 0.55-mm-thick tempered glass cantilevered and was fixed by magnetic force. The magnetic fixation method that utilizes lightness of jewelry is for the sake of free display layout. Besides, the frameless door appeared to be float in the mid-air without massiveness as the highly transparent tempered glass was held by stick hinge cantilevering from the floor.
The above design operation was exerted for minimization of mass and induction of an environment with pure geometry balance. Consequently, the space was fulfilled with “transparent tension” which had the same quality with jewelry of “1g”. We considered whether Shihara’s shop environment realized the overlap of metaphysical and physical world.

『Shoten Kenchiku』2015.8/Shoten Kenchiku-sha publishing Co,Ltd