Earth Mold Architecture: building up architecture based on mold on the earth.
Plainly speaking, operation of our design proposal means this.
Concrete speaking, we propose the process explained below:
We dig a hole on the surface of the mexico site.
Arrange reinforcements in the whole and pour concrete.
After solidified, use crane to lift up concrete piece, and make structure of the museum combining with other pieces.
The digged holes are kept as they are to be used as quasi-independent spaces.
This construction process what we should call it as “earth mold concrete” is an environmentally friendly construction method conserving forest resources by not producing enormous amount of waste frame materials which normally are wasted.
“Soil” of the site which are attached on one side of the structure is its evidence, and provide museum feeling of site specific space.
Also, concrete forms and exhibition space forms exactly correspond to each other.
In another word, the process which made the architecture also decides the composition of the museum.
If we say that essence of contemporary art is the process of endless present productions, there will be some kind of sympathy between the museum which production process being the architecture itself and exhibited art.
This quality of sympathy is our design intention and is our prime concern.

『design miami/base, Switzerland』2008